Furrier Cats

When I include Fourier Transform in my lectures, my explanation is just about as non-technical as can be. In her post, Dr. Scaife demonstrates convolution by manipulations in the transformed image of an adorable cat!


Last week I gave an introductory lecture on imaging with radio interferometers. I started off with a Python demonstration of Fourier filtering using cat pictures, which seemed pretty popular and lead to one of my fellow lecturers coining the term “Furrier Cats” (this is genius and I wish I’d thought of it).

Since it was so well received, I thought I’d repeat it here. If you’re already au fait with Fourier transforms then this is perhaps not for you, but for all those new starters out there who (1) would like a visual introduction to Fourier analysis and (2) like cat pictures, read on.


This description was inspired by the ever insightful xkcd comic strip, and in particular this cartoon:

fourier_xkcd https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/fourier.jpg

Which lead to an enjoyable afternoon for me, looking at cat pictures on google and selecting one that I thought would illustrate the points I wanted to…

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