David Tabb began this blog as an associate professor in the field of bioinformatics at a major research university in the southeastern United States.  As of the end of 2015, he is employed at one of the leading medical schools in South Africa.  The blog was intended to highlight the topics that may interest others as Dave reshapes his career from the canonical “academic tenure track” to something that fits his needs better.

David has conducted research in proteome informatics since he began graduate school at the University of Washington Department of Molecular Biotechnology in 1996.  The field of proteome informatics has become quite varied, but David has retained a research focus in the central problems of large-scale shotgun protein and PTM identification from tandem mass spectra, with more than seventy publications to his name.

Proteomics, by the way, comprises the set of technologies we use to detect, characterize, and quantify the proteins found in complex mixtures in all biological systems.  Generally, the tools of the trade include separations (such as gel electrophoresis and liquid chromatography), measurement in mass spectrometers (particularly those that can measure the fragments of particular peptides through tandem mass spectrometry), and informatics (algorithms that enable us to recognize a peptide from its tandem mass spectrum or to quantify a protein).  Perhaps some day the “gift” we receive for our fiftieth birthdays will not be a colonoscopy but rather a simple blood test that sends just a few of us for a scoping.  This is one potential outcome for successful clinical proteomics.

This blog certainly does not represent communication by David Tabb’s employer.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Richard

    It has been a fascinating pleasure talking with you David. Based on what I’ve learned from you in the few hours of conversation that we’ve had, I have decided that your blog and anything else you publish will likely be well worth reading and following.

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  2. Jeremy- Dao!goasoa van Wyk

    It was a honour for Velskoen Shuffle Excursions today – 17 September 2019 to by with Prof David Tabb on our VELSKOEN SHUFFLE , CBD Oudtshoorn Heritage Walk…
    Thank you prof for your interest in the work of Potskerf Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage Research Centre. Hope I have done justice to you expectations of Oudtshoorn. Be Blessed in the cultural significance of the Hottentotskooigoed.
    Jeremy – Dao!goasoa van wyk

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  3. Paloma Blandín

    Dear David,

    I’m the graphic designer responsible for the design/layout of the next book that OIE and FAO are editing about Rinderpest.
    I would like to know where did you get that photo of the rinderpest cell microcopy, if it is yours, if you know the © and if I can use it for the front cover.
    Thanks in advance,

    Paloma Blandín

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