Where is Wakanda?

This post from Rachel Strohm combines two topics that I find fascinating: superhero movies and Africa. Here, she evaluates the fictional country of Wakanda, the home country of the Black Panther. He’s a character that was introduced in the 2016 Captain America: Civil War film. Enjoy!

Rachel Strohm

I saw Captain America: Civil War earlier this month, and since then I’ve been pondering a question that unites my interests in Africa, maps, and Marvel movies: where is Wakanda?  In the comics, the country appears to move around the Sahel, presumably depending on whoever’s drawing it.  Julian Chambliss has a great overview of Wakanda’s surprising mobility, featuring a 1500+ mile move in just two years.


The latter map is closer to the image of Wakanda shown briefly during a news broadcast in Captain America.


I produced a clean version of this image in Google Maps.  It appears that the MCU’s Wakanda occupies a decent part of northern Kenya around Lake Turkana, plus bits of South Sudan and Ethiopia as well.


Because I’m fond of this type of counterfactual, I found myself wondering: what might this iteration of Wakanda really look like, if the basic story…

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