Science Diplomacy Between the US and Cuba

There are many very bright scientists in Cuba who would benefit from an overseas collaboration. I am delighted to see that the barriers to these relationships are beginning to fall!

Science Policy For All

By: Steven Witte, B.Sc.

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Located less than 90 miles apart, Cuba and the United States share many of the same environmental and public health challenges. Invasive species such as lionfish, African catfish, and marabou are threatening native species. Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico poses a potential risk for an environmental disaster, and tourism is threatening coral reefs and other important ecosystems. And recently, the Zika virus and chikungunya have been spreading throughout the Caribbean. It is predicted the viruses may make their way to Cuba and eventually even parts of the United States. By working together, these two countries could develop better strategies to solve these problems. But cooperation between the US and Cuba has been extremely difficult for several decades because of strained relations between the two nations.

In the past, American and Cuban scientists have successfully collaborated together. In the mid-nineteenth…

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