I visit the main campus of Colorado State University.

Preparing to move out

The last eleven days have brought considerable change.  I will start a job this week, file for a temporary residence permit in South Africa as swiftly as possible, and have contracted to sell my Nashville home at the end of October.  It all started with a video conference on September 18th with a principal investigator at Colorado State and another at Stellenbosch University.  As described in my preceding blog post, we decided to move in two directions at once, where I begin collaboration with Colorado State at the same time as I press to begin my move to South Africa.  That strategy has already borne considerable fruit.

The first outcome was a change in my planned road trip to Kansas City.  The morning after I arrived at the home of my parents, I hopped back in my car to continue to Ft. Collins, CO.  I was able to visit with the team of scientists at the Colorado State Foothills Campus who investigate tuberculosis and other microbial diseases.  I was gratified to see that the CDC maintains a facility just a short walk away from the Research Innovation Center.

Dave visits the Foothills Campus of Colorado State

Dave visits the Foothills Campus of Colorado State

During my time in Ft. Collins, I filed paperwork with human resources.  As of October 1st, I will be a “Visiting Scientist” at Colorado State.  This position will allow me to begin work on the shared goals between this university and Stellenbosch.  It will certainly be a relief to have some money coming into my bank accounts and not merely out of them!  I also visited with the Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility on the main campus.  I hope to learn more about the unique bioinformatics pipeline they have assembled for fielding Waters MSE data.  I felt grateful that we could accomplish so much in one day’s visit.

After a few days with my family in Kansas City, I returned to Nashville last night.  In the course of that drive, I finalized a contract to sell my home in Nashville on October 30th.  As I learned just before arriving in Cuba, a contract to sell one’s home is not a perfect guarantee that it will happen, but I’m excited, just the same.  The timing would be nearly ideal.  In order to sell my house by that date, though, I also need to schedule the shipping container  [click it, if only for the music!] that will carry my furniture to Cape Town.  I will be without my things for two months, but I hope I’ll be able to live out of suitcases for that interval.

Today I hope to acquire the last documents I will need to file my Department of Home Affairs 1738 form, requesting a Temporary Residence Permit by the Critical Skills route.  Once I file the 1738 (hopefully within a week), I will expect to leave the country within a month and a half.  In fact, the document asks the date of the flight that will take me to South Africa.  I expect that my flight to Cape Town will be possible by early November.

The clock is ticking!


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  1. Roger Moore

    While you’re in Fort Collins, I strongly recommend going down to Loveland to visit the Benson Park Sculpture Garden. It’s a genuinely great art collection, and definitely worth the trip from Fort Collins.

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