Penuel Ridge trail marker

Two roads away from Nashville

The last two weeks have seen a sudden shift of momentum toward my departure from Nashville.  Oddly, there are now two different routes to my next destination!

We quite commonly see program grants that coordinate research across multiple laboratories.  Stellenbosch University and Colorado State have assembled an ambitious program combining biotechnologies for profiling different treatment plans for tuberculosis, funded by a U01 grant from the National Institutes of Health.  Because we have seen so little motion on my application to SACNASP, we have begun exploring ways that I can buttress bioinformatics methods for metabolite identification at Colorado State during this interim period.  If the South African visa won’t be in place until 2016, I may move to Ft. Collins to support metabolite identification from Agilent Q-TOF data, a delightful prospect.

On the other hand, a voice-over-IP discussion with Stellenbosch this morning allowed us to brainstorm on the acceleration of the visa.  First, one of my colleagues noted that SACNASP doesn’t have to complete its membership process for me to request a critical skills letter of the organization.  Second, a support letter we recently received from the Department of Science and Technology may be applicable as a confirmation of my critical skills.  It may be possible for me to launch an application for a Temporary Residence Permit in early October rather than waiting until early December!

With these changes in mind, I am placing a greater priority on getting medical paperwork in place and on selling my house.  “The game’s afoot! Follow your spirit!


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