Dave is upset.

The illusion of progress

Becoming a member of the Association of Natural Scientific Professions was my key to acquiring a critical skills letter to enable my temporary residence permit.  On July 13th, I submitted my application to become a professional member of SACNASP.  On July 22nd, my referees completed their reports for SACNASP.  Then we settled down to wait.

I had hoped that we would have some feedback in the first month, but my request for a status update on August 24th was met with unwelcome news.  SACNASP claimed that I never paid my processing fee, and so they had not begun processing my application! I sent my receipt from the organization back to them, and now it appears that they will take up my application at their October, 2015 meeting, with final evaluation at a November 19th, 2015, meeting.  I would be very lucky to be in South Africa by the end of 2015, by this mechanism.

As of April, 2015, I had my appointment letter from Stellenbosch University.  At the current rate of progress, a minimum of eight months will have passed since that letter before I can take up the position.  I have been discussing with Stellenbosch University some strategies to short-cut these delays.  Hopefully some of these will bear fruit in the days to come.


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